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Navhouse is the leader in the repair and overhaul and certification of legacy and mature inertial navigation systems (INS) and parts distribution including Litton and Delco Carousel
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Navhouse Corporation is committed to helping customers make the best decisions to lower INS repair costs and extend the life of their equipment. Our presentations share the expertise of our team at leading aviation conferences.

8th Annual Aircraft Maintenance Outsourcing Conference for the Americas,
December 4, 2008
OEM vs. Third Party Repair: What You Need to Know
Drawing on his more than 27 years of experience with both the OEM and at a third party repair facility, Business Development Manager Doug Jenkinson looks at the myths and realities behind this debate and offers airlines a clear path to move forward.
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News Depot Level Inertial Navigation System Repair and Overhaul Solutions for Commercial and Military fleets including Litton and Delco Carousel Inertial Navigation Units (INU) and Parts